24.05.2007 News Analysis

Hurriyet : On The Front page; there are seven main spots and five of them are related to bombings in Ankara. They are attractive, including visuals and typed in big points. Also there are two more banners; 290×120 pixel, about the bomber and another bombing event related to PKK. Basically, Hurriyet mentions that they are caring this stuff. Because 75% of visulas on the front page are related to Ankara Bombing and Terror.

Radikal : Radikal has approached to bombing in tragedical and inspecting way. On the front page; a long and a proper news with and striking headline appears “The Lifes which bomb left half”. Later; the six people who has died on the bombing represented with their fotos and short life stories. This is also somehow magazin work that i never expect from Radikal. (yet, still Aydin Doğan..) Also another striking headline which i liked very much stays under the news above “Ulus was just like Iraq” That headline also explains the tragedy that has been lived during and after the bombing. Besides all, the comments of the authorities are spaced very little in the main page, instead the bacground of the bomber is analyzed. As a result the way that a newpaper like Radikal is being tracking is explaining how the media is handling the terror collectively.

Sabah : Suprisingly, Sabah is the most unconcern looking news site in 24.05.07. There no news or headlines about bombings but there are a new terror news on the main page which is colored in red and has a big space. Its about a landmine trap in Sırnak. Besides all they have a joyful and funny frontpage.

Yeni Şafak : Yeni Şafak also does not left a big space to Ankara Bombing. Instead they have published “Last Minute” subjects and other news. Besides, they have two stories about Ankara Bombings. One of them is about the Bomber and how he has been defined, the second is the current position of the Anafartalar Passage today.

Zaman : Zaman has explored bombing in 2 different headlines as 3 News. One in Sports and two in Agenda. Agenda is about the re-openning of the Anafartalar and Goverment regulations that will be applied to the workers of Anafartalar. The other is about the security regulations of the stadiums in Ankara which is against terrorism.

Todays Zaman and TDN : As the foreing language publishers they must have thoughed their audiences while typing the news because they first related to IMKB. These news are seems like typed by a foreigner also. They are handled the news more seriously also.

BBC Word : BBC is announcing the landmine trap with a definitive Turkey Map which shows the place of Sirnak and Ankara in Map. As a terror news they are informing people about PKK and Terror in Turkey, then just at the 3rd paragraph insist on the Ankara Bombing. With Short, definiteve and not High-Ligheted style, they are explaning the situation.




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